Feel That 90s Love With These Fresh Prince Tattoos!!

Feel That 90s Love With These Fresh Prince Tattoos!!

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will forever be a fan favorite, and Fresh Prince tattoos embody the love people have for the show!
Running from 1990-1996 and spanning six series and 148 episodes The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is as popular today as it was two decades ago. Following the story of a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in Bel Air, the Fresh Prince finds its comedy in the clash of lifestyles the characters experience. Playing a fictionalized version of himself, Will Smith brought energy and passion to a role, which he will forever be remembered for, and a role which today inspires some sweet Fresh Prince tattoos.
As colorful and charismatic as the young Will Smith these tattoos will leave you wanting more, and, more importantly, will have you wanting your own awesome Fresh Prince tattoo. Take a look at these brilliant tattoos and feel that 90s love and nostalgia!
by Antonio Macko
by Chris Smith
Fresh Prince Tattoo by Michele Agostini
Fresh Prince Tattoo by Ryan Ousley
by Tony Sklepic
Fresh Prince Tattoo by Victor Chil
Fresh Prince Tattoo, artist unknown
Of course we can't mention the brilliance of the Fresh Prince without a little recognition for his charming cousin Carlton!!
Carlton Banks Tattoo by Fulvio Vaccarone
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