Five Reasons To Follow Hannah Pixie Sykes On Instagram

Five Reasons To Follow Hannah Pixie Sykes On Instagram

Hannah Pixie Sykes is a great source of inspiration for blackwork, style and more!
Based in Sheffield, UK, Hannah Pixie Sykes has become an icon of tattoo art. Working at her own tattoo shop, Black Stabbath Tattoo, she is a tattooist, model and collector. Indeed, her body is ornated with exquisite art by famous artists such as Guy le Tatooer.
Hannah also creates elegant blackwork tattoos that are, of course, the first reason to follow her on Instagram. The second is her sense of style. Either in art or modeling, Hannah Pixie Sykes is gracing Instagram with her looks. The Vegan artist is also travelling a lot, especially with her husband, Bring Me the Horizon's lead singer Oliver Sykes.
If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at Hannah Pixie Sykes' portfolio and pictures...
Mixing dotwork and bold lines #HannahPixieSykes
Superb picture by Danny Baldwin of Hannah Pixie Sykes.
Natural inspirations #HannahPixieSykes
Elegant piece inspired by Asian culture #HannahPixieSykes
Dainty traditional flower #HannahPixieSykes
Gorgeous Nefertiti #HannahPixieSykes
Sweet lotus flower #HannahPixieSykes
Gorgeous matching feet #HannahPixieSykes
Another wonderful Ancient Egypt inspired ink #HannahPixieSykes
Half mandala #HannahPixieSykes
Creative flower #HannahPixieSykes
Very pretty #HannahPixieSykes
Subtle feather #HannahPixieSykes
And if you need more reasons than great tattoos to follow Hannah Pixie Sykes on Instagram, there are some more:
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