Get Tropical With These 12 Coconut Tattoo Designs

Get Tropical With These 12 Coconut Tattoo Designs

You might not always have sand under your feet, or be feeling that nice oceanic breeze, but these coconut tattoos you can take anywhere!
Subtle and simple, via @renata.potancokova
Imperfect beauty, by Darcie Kapo
Mr. Cool Coconut, by Iva Jones
Refreshing coconut drink, by Kris Notch
Another drink, this time slide your pineapple pizza into it! by Luckily Joe
Stick and Poke outline, by Lyz-Abel
Tiger's Blood! by Matt Diehl at Paradise Tattoos
Show some Coconut Love! by Michelle Lifestyle Tattoo
What a refreshing combo! by Nejc and Ninja Tiger
Sweet and hairy, by Piel de Ventana
The sense-less ape and his coconut! by Tony Mulkes
Another hairy one! by The Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective
Want to keep it tropical? Check this out!
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