Girls Lover Tattooed 'Marry Me' On Her Ass With DIY Tattoo Machine!

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This girls lover asked her the big question by tattooing it on her ass with a DIY tattoo machine!!

Imagine if your partner tattooed 'Marry Me?' onto your ass while drunk...well Georgia Thacker doesn't have to imagine!! After a few to many drinks Georgia let her partner loose with a DIY tattoo machine and one inking later she was engaged!

Georgia Thacker
Georgia Thacker

Written on her ass were the words 'Marry Me?' and which in her drunken state seemed hilarious to Georgia so she said yes. The tattoo was inspired after Georgia and her partner were watching Jackass and saw Steve-O's ‘Your Name’ tattoo.

Steve-O's Tattoo
Steve-O's Tattoo

“I thought it would be fun to get the same tattoo, so I asked my girlfriend, who I’d rather not name, to do it. I had no idea what she was writing but it turned out to be Marry Me? and a smiley wink sign.  I was a bit drunk and thought it was hilarious. When she said it was a legitimate proposal, I said ‘go on then’. The next day I thought ‘Oh my God’. We announced our engagement on Facebook by sharing the photo, which no-one took seriously"

Sadly things weren't so funny with a sober pair of eyes or eight months later when she and her fiance split. Yet thanks to the Channel 4 show 'Bodyshockers' her ass has been removed of any reminders of the drunken inking, it has been replaced with a large hand print tattoo.

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Georgia's Cover Up
Georgia's Cover Up

“The tattoo was even more embarrassing when the relationship ended eight months later. I always wore boys’ boxer shorts so my entire bum was covered.  I like watching shows like Tattoo Fixers and Bodyshockers and saw an item on the Channel 4 website asking people to apply, so I did"

Georgia already has plans for future tattoos, though we're sure she'll be staying clear of any DIY tattoo machines, especially when drunk!!


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