Graffiti Inspired Tattoos By Lehel

Graffiti Inspired Tattoos By Lehel

Also a street artist, Lehel Nyeste add the urban art touch to his rad new school tattoos...
Lehel Nyeste, known as Lehel, is based in Budapest, Hungary. With a background in digital art and in graffiti, the young artist creates visually striking tattoos. Lehel's style is a combination of realism, new school as well as graphic effects. His composition is really dynamic, vibrant and original. You can find him at Perfect Chaos tattoo studio as well as in European tattoo conventions.
Visually striking!
NYC vibes!
Colorful backpiece.
Pop seahorse.
Gangsta stormtrooper.
Wu-tan girl.
Badass snake head...
Funky fox.
Cool portrait!
Bold grenade.
Captain America.
Pretty tattoo.
Freaky magician.
Ace Ventura tribute!
Lehel also does realistic pieces.
Cool one!
If you want to see more ink as well as cool street art and illustrations by Lehel, click on his Facebook and Instagram's links...
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