Hong Kong's Sweetheart Mini Lau And Her Subtle Tattoos

Hong Kong's Sweetheart Mini Lau And Her Subtle Tattoos

Hong Kong-based tattooer Mini Lau's tattoos are exactly like her—sweet, subtle, and downright lovely.
Here's another tattoo artist hailing from Asia you really should be after for your next Hong Kong trip.
Mini Lau is a young, Hong Kong-based tattoo artist whose main tattoo specialty is Korean style (What's this?). She apprenticed under Anzo Choi and currently works as a tattoo artist in his shop Hello Tattoo, Hong Kong.
It's difficult not to instantly fall in love with Mini's tattoos full of pastel colors and subtlety. They're definitely the kind of ink for you if you're into everything of sweet and dreamy.
Moon phases skewered with an arrow
Mini Lau
Behind the ear flower tattoo
Lightning bolt cat
Like her mentor, the young artist has a flair for candy-colored works and fine line tattoos.
Pastel geometric deer couple tattoo
But unlike Anzo, Mini veered towards the subtlety of the Korean style more in contrast to her mentor's bold yet dreamy pieces.
Floral leg band
Fine-line serpent back tattoo
Constellation ankle tattoo
Flower ankle tattoo
Sailor Moon thigh tattoo
Floral upper back tattoo
3-D style Bambi tattoo
Hummingbird finger tattoo
Rainbow cats tattoo
Side line tattoo
Subtle collarbone tattoo
Floral anklet
Rainbow arm tattoo
Bambi side tattoo
Chef tattoo
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