Hot Singing Surfer Cody Simpson Gets 5 Rad Tattoos in 9 Months

Hot Singing Surfer Cody Simpson Gets 5 Rad Tattoos in 9 Months

Teen heartthrob Cody Simpson has been bitten by the ink bug getting 5 rad tattoos done within 9 months, will we see more soon?
The 19 year old pop singer, dancer and surf enthusiast got his first tattoo last year in May on his left forearm of his record label symbol representing the sun, Earth and water. Since then he has delighted his fans with four more new rad tattoos all with a surf and beach theme. Will we be seeing much more ink from the cute singer in 2016?
Cody's first tattoo represents his music
He has also a black and grey sun design on his shoulder
The black-and-white art work shows a boat's anchor with a palm tree sprouted from it
Cody got this inscription "mystic man in the sea" at Jonboy Tattoo in New York
He also got this shark tooth tattoo in New York from Jonboy Tattoo
Cody's tattoos show his Aussie roots and love of the surf. Photo courtesy of Pacific Coast News
Cody out enjoying the surf flashing his tattoos on the beach. Photo courtesy of Pacific Coast News
Cody's got the tattoo bug maybe we are just seeing the start of a lot more ink to come. Photo courtesy of KHAPGG Corbis Photos
Cody has a lot of free space...wouldn't it be awesome to see some full sleeves going on?
Hunky blonde surfer Cody would look super rad with more tattoos...right girls?
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