Impressive Face Morph Tattoos By Arlo Di Cristina

Impressive Face Morph Tattoos By Arlo Di Cristina

Morphing portraits with double exposure effects is the speciality of Arlo Di Cristina.
Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, this talented tattoo artist specializes in black and grey realism. But the young Arlo Di Cristina is truly mastering the art of composition. With the rising trend of double exposure tattoos, he is impressing the world with his "face morph" tattoos. From the Joker to wise old men and gorgeous ladies, Arlo Di Cristina turns amazing portraits into real pieces of art. You can meet him at tattoo studio The Raw Canvas.
Arlo Di Cristina at work.
Snake morph #ArloDiCristina
Snowflake morph #ArloDiCristina
Lanscape morph #ArloDiCristina
Epic Joker piece #ArloDiCristina
Badass skull morph... #ArloDiCristina
Superb architecture morph #ArloDiCristina
Sweet double exposure effect #ArloDiCristina
Patriot act #ArloDiCristina
Amazing portrait #ArloDiCristina
If you want to see more incredible tattoos by Arlo Di Cristina right now, you can rush to see his Facebook and Instagram pages!
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