Insane Painterly Style Tattoos By A.D. Pancho

Insane Painterly Style Tattoos By A.D. Pancho

Be prepared to drop your jaws because of these awesome tattoos by A.D. Pancho!
A.D. Pancho is a tattooer from Poland. His work is an amazing take on the painterly and realistic smooth style of tattooing. A.D. Pancho's tattoos are amazingly applied and the saturation of the pigment in the skin is truly amazing. Have a look at some of A.D. Pancho's awesome work, enjoy!
Stunning color tattoo by AD Pancho
Crazy black and gray tattoo by AD Pancho, a girl x rose morph.
Stunning back tattoo by Ad Pancho
Skull bulb tattoo, amazing work by AD Pancho
Marilyn with bunny ears by AD Pancho
Skull with crown of thorns by AD Pancho
Girl's face with flowers by AD Pancho
Skull samurai by AD Pancho
Awesome concept by AD Pancho
Stormtrooper tattoo by AD Pancho
All photos from A.D. Pancho@ad_pancho
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