Intense Blackwork By Arang Eleven

Intense Blackwork By Arang Eleven

The jaw-dropping work of Arang Eleven is a must see if you love dark geometry and dotwork!
The talented Arang Eleven (also known as A Rang) is working at the studio Seoul Ink Tattoo in South Korea. There are no delicate tattoos in her portfolio, she is more interested in bold, large-scale pieces. Indeed, the young lady is displaying impressive skills when it comes to blackwork, creating intricate designs. Using geometry, negative space and dotwork, she does breath-taking ornamental tattoos. If you like your ink dark, elegant and badass, you definitely need to check the portfolio of Arang Eleven!
Jaw-dropping sleeve...
Cool negative space geometry...
Graceful mandala. Intense blackwork by Arang Eleven
Epic animal skull.
Terrific hand tattoo by Arang Eleven
Arang Eleven also does small tattoos.
Here at work on a sick dragon.
Rad forearm piece!
Cool sacred heart by Arang Eleven
Breath-taking sleeve.
Gorgeous! By Arang Eleven
Pretty and intense blackwork by Arang Eleven
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