Japanese Woman Recreates Disturbing Junjo Ito Manga With Makeup Art

A Japanese woman is having a makeup art rampage on Twitter by recreating iconic panels on the famous horror manga works by Junji Ito.
If you're a straight-up horror manga fan then we're pretty sure you know just who Junji Ito is. If you don't then you're probably not doing your manga reading right. Kidding aside, manga fans will recognize Junji Ito for his notable horror manga series like Tomi and Uzumaki. Both are known for their bizarre storylines and even more bizarre happenings drawn in Junji's distinct style and macabre point of view.
The stories probably haunted many of you for days long after you've finished the series. Well, here's your old manga nightmares revisited. A Japanese woman by the username of mamakiteru on Twitter is using the power of makeup and decent drawing skills to recreate panels of the horror manga artist's works.
You're bound to shit your pants. If you haven't read any of Junji Ito's works then this girl might make you want to—or dare not to touch any of them any time soon (which is too bad).
Take a bite into the madness here.
Oh, and good luck sleeping tonight. : )