Joe Jonas Gets A Tattoo From Folk Tattoo Artist Curt Montgomery

Joe Jonas Gets A Tattoo From Folk Tattoo Artist Curt Montgomery

Former Disney star Joe Jonas heads over to simple blackwork/folk traditional tattooer Curt Montgomery's shop to take home a sweet piece.
Diesel/Joe Jonas
While everyone's going crazy trying to figure out what's going on with former Disney star and Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas' ‘mysterious’ new tattoo, we're all falling head over heels for his tattoo artist. Why? For once, celebrities are finally deviating from the awful celebrity tattoo schtick and are actually getting out there to get to know some of the many rad tattooers in the scene right now.
Joe Jonas happened to be in Canada and got himself a tattoo from self-described folk traditional tattoo artist, Curt Montgomery. The singer's tattoo features a hand in a triangle in that sweet, simplistic Curt Montgomery style.
Curt Montgomery/Instagram
I guess my question for tattooed celebrities is invalid here. Joe Jonas' got it!
Joe's African Adinkra symbol and heart and arrow tattoos
The new addition seems to fit right in with Joe's other tattoos, too as it seems that the 26-year-old singer prefers simplicity in most of his tattoos.
Joe's rope tattoo dedicated to his family
Here's one of Joe's earliest tattoos in which he explains the meaning behind as, “Two ropes (two parents) makes four ends (four brothers).”
Joe Jonas' love for mac and cheeze is real
Let's not forget his prank Kraft tattoo, either! It will be missed.
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