Joyful Watercolor Tattoos by Felipe Bernardes

Joyful Watercolor Tattoos by Felipe Bernardes

If you are obsessed with trendy watercolor tattoos, you need to see the work of Felipe Bernardes!
Felipe Bernardes is a tattoo artist based in Brasil. He produces multicolored and stylish tattoos with watercolor effect. His designs are truly poetic and vibrant. One look at his portfolio will rejoice you for his creations are definitely joyful. Watercolor tattoos can be charming and original, but be sure to select a skilled artist. If you can't travel to Brasil, you can still admire the work of Felipe Bernardes on his Facebook and Instagram's pages...
Cosmic ink.
For travellers.
Skull art.
Wear your heart on your sleeve!
Creative idea for quotes.
Beautiful tattoo.
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Colorful tree.
Creative rose tattoo.
Cool sugar skull.
Sweet geometry.
Charming wolf.
Cute butterfly.
This is Sparta!
Poetic elephant by Felipe Bernardes...
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