Killer Tattoo Technique Tips From Mario Barth Artist Of The Stars

Killer Tattoo Technique Tips From Mario Barth Artist Of The Stars

Mario Barth is a top tattooist to the stars and he loves to share his wisdom and techniques with artists and tattoo fans.
Mario Barth is the Chief Tattoo Artist and CEO of Starlight Enterprises. His tattoo portfolio is impressive and he has received over 200 tattooing awards. This one of THE rockstars of tattoo art. With three decades of tattoo experience ranging over almost every style imaginable it's no wonder some of his clients are A list celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Usher, Tommy Lee and Sly Stallone to name a few.
Mario and his wife Carol attend a Rolling Stone magazine bash in Las Vegas
Mario tattooing singer Jason Derulo at his studio King Ink
In a recent interview with Mario Barth he said that working on Sylvester Stallone was easy because he took the pain like a champ. Mario also said "He has every tattoo magazine since the mid-80s. He knows everybody in the industry and where they come from. It's unbelievable. I have not met tattoo historians with the knowledge that he has about the industry."
Mario Barth worked on a few of Sylvester Stallone's tattoos
Mario himself has a whole lot of knowledge and has his technique down to a tee thanks to his three decades of experience and love of tattooing. He enjoys sharing his wisdom with aspiring tattoo artists and aficionados of ink. Check out some of his cool tutorials and photos of his work below and see what technique tips you can pick up from this legend. Enjoy!
Mario explains in the next video about more advances color techniques in this tutorial on oriental tattooing
Mario Barth's oriental style in color
Traditional Japanese Koi fish
Oriental color Foo Dog design
Awesome line-free color tattoo of Mad Magazine's Alfred Neuman
Gorgeous realism in this panda tattoo
Awesome color fantasy piece
Mario also does some seriously killer black and grey realism
Mario shares a tutorial on shading techniques for black and grey tattoos...super cool to see how its done.
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