Masterful Black and Grey Tattoos by Jun Cha

Masterful Black and Grey Tattoos by Jun Cha

Jun Cha is easily one of the best to do very smooth and sophisticated black and grey. Check out these jaw-dropping greyscale tattoos!
Jun Cha is one of the best in black and grey tattooing. The smooth shading and bold blacks make Jun Cha's work both power- and masterful. The application of the tattoos done by Jun Cha is almost flawless, this is why he is one of the most sought after tattooers when it comes to greyscale work.
Mary with a sacred heart, tattoo by Jun Cha
Side banger, UGH. Awesome tattoo by Jun Cha.
Front torso tattoo in progress by Jun Cha
Masterful black and grey back tattoo by Jun Cha
The ecstasy of Teresa by Jun Cha
Sleeve tattoo by Jun Cha
Mary holding Christ, tattoo by Jun Cha.
St. Michael sleeve by Jun Cha