Moving Realistic Tattoos By Laura Juan

Moving Realistic Tattoos By Laura Juan

If you like realistic tattoos with a soul, you need to know the work of tattoo artist Laura Juan.
Laura Juan is already one of the veterans of tattoo art and a renown master of realism. Living and working in Madrid Spain, she quickly gained international recognition for her talent. For this reason, she is often invited to prestigious tattoo conventions worldwide. Her realistic skills are indeed impressive. But she truly succeed in giving a life and emotions to her portraits. Her compositions are artistic, more about energy than pure copy of the requested image. Yet, her sense of details is incredible.
Violently beautiful sleeve by Laura Juan
Cool Indiana Jones piece!
Subtle colors, nature inspired tattoo.
Edgy sleeve by Laura Juan
Gorgeous portrait.
How adorable! Realistic child portrait
Pretty Nature piece.
Beautiful wolf.
Elegant piece.
Pure rose.
Awesome portrait!
Nautical beauty.
Venice's Caranaval.
WIP by Laura Juan.
Another cute portrait of a child.
If you want to learn more about Laura Juan, just check her Facebook and Instagram pages.
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