My First Tattoo Videos Episode 3: Living The Queen Life

A tattoo virgin shares the experience of her very first tattoo in this new video series!
Getting your very first tattoo - we all remember that moment!
"If I could live in any time it would definitely be Egyptian time... the queen life would have been nice..."
The words of a tattoo virgin and fashion blogger who talks us through her first tattoo, the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, tattooed by Dan Gold from Monsters of Art in London, UK.

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Researching her first tattoo.
Images of Queen Nefertiti - tattoo inspiration.
Dan Gold at work tattooing Nefertiti.
Dan Gold gets to work on this Egyptian portrait tattoo.
First tattoo close ups.
Getting tattooed for the first time.
Black and grey Queen Nefertiti tattoo.
Channel 4 have followed five tattoo virgins who have finally made that decision to go and get their first tattoo. Watch more videos on the website.