My Kitchen Rules Contender Inks It Up For A Pre-Show Thrill!

My Kitchen Rules contender Nev Groves got an MKR tattoo to heat things up before the Australian-based reality show takes off!
I earned it. That's how Australia's My Kitchen Rules contender summed it up for getting a tat to celebrate entry to the cooking game show.
Courtesy of Channel 7
Nev Groves from Perth got the tattoo which reads 'MKR 2016' to memorialize this wild ride chance to showcase his cooking prowess along with his partner Kell Griffiths.
'It’s for the overall experience, that’s what we did it for,' he said in a previous interview with AAA Weekend. 'Those people who go to the Olympics, if they don’t win gold they still often get a tattoo. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience so I am proud to get a tattoo to mark that.'
Courtesy of Channel 7
Kell also plans to get the same tattoo on her ankle and other contenders wish to follow suit.
The show's initials on the skin of this year's contenders will serve as a unifying symbol among them and Nev is happy to have started it all.
Courtesy of Channel 7
Broadcast on the Seven Network, My Kitchen Rules is a cooking show that was initially aired in 2010. It was an offshoot of the network's successful MasterChef Australia.
Courtesy of Channel 7
The duo who are dubbed as the 'battlers' are currently on the show's chopping block. Their performance in the first instant restaurant competition didn't fare so well. In the interview after the show, Nev and Kell said they are not ready to exit the reality show yet.
Whether or not they bring home the bacon, I must say, you Nev have definitely endeared yourself to MKR's followers with your MKR tat. That's a prize not often won.