Naive Poetry By Bumpkin Tattoo

Naive Poetry By Bumpkin Tattoo

Discover the creative duo behind Bumpkin Tattoo and their poetic pieces of ink.
Tattooing is never a solitary job, therefore, more and more artists are teaming up to create original designs. Richard and Lucy are the poets behind the concept of Bumpkin Tattoo. She draws unique and colorful designs, inspired by naive art. He inks them on the skins of their clients. A harmonious collaboration, in the creation of fascinating tattoos. The creations of Bumpkin Tattoo are a combination of storytelling illustration, abstraction and childhood's dreams.
Lovely fox.
And what do you think of this one?
Sweet unicorn.
A sketch and photo by Bumpkin Tattoo. Inspiration...
Artsy flower by Bumpkin tattoo.
Lovely one.
Gorgeous piece.
Romantic matching tattoos...
A little darker.
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