Painting Style Tattoos By Aleksandra Katsan

Painting Style Tattoos By Aleksandra Katsan

Tattoo artist Aleksandra Katsan is turning bodies into contemporary art masterpieces with her painting style tattoos.
If you love watercolor style tattoos and contemporary art, you will need to visit the city of Kiev, in Ukraine. This is where tattoo artist Aleksandra Katsan is working, in her shop Tattooed Paradise. The 29 years old artist is specializing in vibrant colors, panting effects and artistic tattoos. Abstract flowers and animals are indeed a huge part of her portfolio, but she also enjoy inking pop culture references. Bold and unusual, her art will appeal to the admirers of avant-garde tattooing.
Creative skeleton.
Artistic giraffes.
Funky bird!
Trash style art.
Painting style tattoo with poetic concept.
Pretty painting style tattoo
Dainty flower.
Creative moth.
Badass sleeve.
Romantic ship.
Incredible abstract landscape...
If you can't get enough of vivid colors and artsy tattoos, just check her Instagram page!
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