Photo-Realistic Tattoos Of Aleksandr Romashev

Perfecting the art of photorealism tattooing is no mean feat. One artist that prevails is Aleksandr Romashev.
Aleksandr Romashev (Александр Ромашев) is a Russian tattoo artist who goes by the artist name of Al Sigal. His hyper-realistic tattoos have precision, detail and depth.
Creating tattoos that look like photos on the skin, we wanted to give space to showcase the breadth of Aleksandr's work over the last few years. Tattoo artists that can really nail photorealism deserve to be showcased, so here he is...
Amazing tree back tattoo. Photo:
Realistic owl tattoo. Photo:
Epic Prometheus tattoo by Al Sigal. Photo:
Colourful tattoo by Al Sigal. Photo:
Stormtrooper tattoo. Photo:
Inventive lighthouse tattoo. Photo:
Realism Deadpool tattoo by Aleksandr Romashev. Photo:
Iron Man tattoo. Photo:
Tattoo by Aleksandr Romashev. Photo:
Galactic landscape tattoo by Aleksandr Romashev. Photo:
You can follow his work on Instagram @tattoosigal.