Pittsburgh Pirates Jung-Ho Kang Rocks A Portrait Tattoo of Himself!

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MLB star Jung Ho Kang rocks a rather odd tattoo, it's a portrait of himself!!

South Korean baseball player Jung-ho Kang made quite a name for himself during his rookie season with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Already a well establish player back in South Korea Kang had a lot to prove, and prove it he did hitting .287/.355/.461 with 15 homers and 58 RBIs. Sadly his season was cut short after a nasty collision with Cubs player Chris Coghlan resulting in a torn MCL and broken leg!!

Thankfully Kang is on the mend and recovering well from his injury, eager to return to the field he took some time to discuss his recovery with Pittsburgh’s KDKA Channel 2 and even showed off a rather bizarre tattoo! When revealing the extent of his injury and the scar it has left behind the world got a glimpse of Kangs tattoo, a portrait of himself!


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    Jung-ho Kangs Tattoo junghokang
    Jung-ho Kangs Tattoo #junghokang

    When asked about the tattoo Kang simply responded “It’s me.” Although according to an earlier interview Kang got the tattoo to cover a smaller scar, but when he couldn't settle on a design he simply chose an image of himself!

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    Yep That Really Is A Self-Portrait Tattoo! junghokang
    Yep That Really Is A Self-Portrait Tattoo! #junghokang

    It seems athletes and sports stars wearing tattoos of themselves is an ever growing phenomena, so we can only wait and see which big hitter will reveal a nice inking of themselves next!


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