Poetic Sketch Tattoos By L'Oiseau

Sketch style tattoos by French tattoo artist L'Oiseau are gorgeous and emotionally intense.

L'Oiseau means "the bird" in French language. It is the poetic pseudonym chosen by tattoo artist Franck Solers. L'Oiseau is also a painter. Fine Arts are indeed visible in his tattoos, inspired by sketches and painting effects. Former apprentice of graphic tattoo artist Belly Button, L'Oiseau creates designs full of emotions. His energetic and gracious lines adorn bodies and impress tattoo collectors. Based in Collioure, in the sunny south of France, L'Oiseau spreads his wings at Faubourg Tattoo Club. You can see more poetic and artistic tattoos on his Facebook and Instagram.

Romantic. L'Oiseau
Romantic. #L'Oiseau
Creative piece inspired by artist Enki Bilal.
Creative piece inspired by artist Enki Bilal.
Poetic piece by L'Oiseau
Poetic piece by L'Oiseau
Epic horse tattoo L'Oiseau
Epic horse tattoo #L'Oiseau
Gorgeous art L'Oiseau
Gorgeous art #L'Oiseau

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Pretty dancer L'Oiseau
Pretty dancer #L'Oiseau
Powerful L'Oiseau
Powerful #L'Oiseau
Gorgeous sleeve L'Oiseau
Gorgeous sleeve #L'Oiseau
Adorable tattoo L'Oiseau
Adorable tattoo #L'Oiseau
Dainty L'Oiseau
Dainty #L'Oiseau
Charming colors L'Oiseau
Charming colors #L'Oiseau
Badass piece inspired by movie "La Haine" L'Oiseau
Badass piece inspired by movie "La Haine" #L'Oiseau
Sensual L'Oiseau
Sensual #L'Oiseau
Great composition L'Oiseau
Great composition #L'Oiseau
Inspired by the tale Donkeyskin L'Oiseau
Inspired by the tale Donkeyskin #L'Oiseau
Artsy elephant tattoo L'Oiseau
Artsy elephant tattoo #L'Oiseau
Rad design L'Oiseau
Rad design #L'Oiseau
Fantastic tattoo design L'Oiseau
Fantastic tattoo design #L'Oiseau
Sweet L'Oiseau
Sweet #L'Oiseau
Charming piece L'Oiseau
Charming piece #L'Oiseau



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