Powerful Japanese Tattoos by Johan Svahn

Powerful Japanese Tattoos by Johan Svahn

Elaborate and action packed Japanese tattoos by Johan Svahn will show you what it's like to take this style to a whole new level!
Johan Svahn is a tattooer who specializes in large scale Japanese style tattooing. His contemporary approach to the Japanese style is a beautiful expression of classic tattooing. Johan Svahn's drawing skill is reflected by the way he conveys emotion to whatever subject he is tattooing. 
If you want to get an awesome piece from him, you can find him in Sweden and get a hold of him via immoveabletattoo@gmail.com.
Check out these powerful Japanese style tattoos by Johan Svahn! All photos from Johan Svahn.IG: @johansvahntattooing
Brutal looking body suit by Johan Svahn.
Sleeves by Johan Svahn
Awesome Dragon (Ryu) tattoo by Johan Svahn
Tattoos by Johan Svahn
Octopus sleeve by Johan Svahn
Sleeve by Johan Svahn
Tattoos by Johan Svahn
Back of the legs, tough spot!!! Tattoo by Johan Svahn
Hannya and snake by Johan Svahn
Back tattoo by Johan Svahn
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