Rad New School And Realism By Victor Chil

Victor Chil is an incredibly talented tattoo artist that masters both realism and new school.

Based in Barcelona, in Spain, Victor Chil is a very respected tattoo artist. He is a renown master in two impressive tattoo styles. He splits his time between realistic portraits and new school tattoos inspired by Japanese and street culture. Vibrant and badass, Victor Chil's tattoos are coveted by many collectors.

Great Fight Club piece VictorChil
Great Fight Club piece #VictorChil
Badass Daryl Dixon... VictorChil
Badass Daryl Dixon... #VictorChil


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    Awesome winged lion... VictorChil
    Awesome winged lion... #VictorChil
    Bold tiger tattoo VictorChil
    Bold tiger tattoo #VictorChil

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    Breath-taking Catrina... VictorChil
    Breath-taking Catrina... #VictorChil
    Creepy cool! VictorChil
    Creepy cool! #VictorChil
    Fun ski tattoo VictorChil
    Fun ski tattoo #VictorChil
    Samurai piece VictorChil
    Samurai piece #VictorChil
    Adorable Japanese mouse! VictorChil
    Adorable Japanese mouse! #VictorChil
    Fiery bull VictorChil
    Fiery bull #VictorChil
    Wicked tattoo... VictorChil
    Wicked tattoo... #VictorChil
    Creative Dali VictorChil
    Creative Dali #VictorChil
    Awesome Prince of Bel Air... VictorChil
    Awesome Prince of Bel Air... #VictorChil
    Another bold neck tattoo by Victor Chil.
    Another bold neck tattoo by Victor Chil.
    Breaking Bad tribute VictorChil
    Breaking Bad tribute #VictorChil

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