Rock Fan Honors Andrew McMahon With Tattoos

Rock Fan Honors Andrew McMahon With Tattoos

One dedicated Andrew McMahon fan put his love of the singers bands in ink! Do you have any tattoos for your favorite bands??
Singer and songwriter Andrew McMahon has famously played in the bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, he also performs solo under the stage name Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. On his musical journey McMahon has gathered a loyal and dedicated fan base. One fan in particular has such appreciation for the singer that he got a number of tattoos inspired by the work of McMahon.
McMahon Fan Nicholas
Like with many musicians the music of McMahon helped fan Nicholas through a number of tough times and even inspired his senior year research project. Upon turning 18 Nicholas decided tattoos were the way to go and he looked to McMahon for inspiration. He now proudly sports a number of tattoos inspired by the bands of McMahon.
Album Art from Jack’s Mannequin’s Everything in Transit Album
The Hitchhiker from Something Corporate’s North Album
Seeing Nicholas' story got us thinking about band tattoos in general and how many people have them. Do you have any band tattoos, if yes then be sure to share them in the comments and show your awesome musical inspired ink!!
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