Solemn and Elegant Quan Yin Tattoos

Solemn and Elegant Quan Yin Tattoos

Quan Yin, the oriental deity of love and compassion is equally elegant and powerful as a tattoo! Check out these beautiful Quan Yin Tattoos!
Quan Yin, Guan Yin or Kuan Yin, the diety of love and compassion is such a beautiful image for a tattoo. The solemn features of the Quan Yin balances out the powerful look of a huge tattoo. A symbol of love, compassion and fertility, the Quan Yin has become one of the most powerful and collected image when it comes to oriental style large scale tattoos.
Quan Yin Leg tattoo with lotus and koi.
Beautiful and solid Quan Yin sleeve by Matt Beckerich
Insane black and grey Quan Yin tattoo by Jun Cha
Powerful Quan Yin sleeve tattoo. Huge tattoos bring that undeniable impact to tattoos!
Quan Yin Tattoo by Ketan Vaidya
Awesome Quan Yin by BeyondFlesh
Smooth rendering on this Quan Yin and lotus tattoo, spot the dragonfly!
Beautiful color contrast on this Quan Yin/ dragon sleeve.
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