Solid Black And Grey Tattoos By Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Solid blacks and cool use of highlights, these are some of the awesome black and grey tattoos done by Ryan Ashley Malarkey.
Ryan Ashley Malarkey is a tattoo artist who specializes in black and grey tattoos. Her work reflects the drawing skill and knowledge in the craft of tattooing. Ryan Ashley Malarkey tattoos have a solid yet smooth look that the black and grey tattoo style has. She is the co-owner of The Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor.
Warhorse tattoo #RyanAshleyMalarkey
Awesome gentleman dog with top hat #RyanAshleyMalarkey
Cool geometric mandala with rose #RyanAshleyMalarkey
Tiger head tattoo #RyanAshleyMalarkey
Torch with an eye, tattoo by Ryan Ashley Malarkey.
Insane detail and highlights #RyanAshleyMalarkey
Sweeney Todd tattoos #RyanAshleyMalarkey