Sonny Henty: An Appreciation Post

Sonny Henty: An Appreciation Post

Because sometimes, a guy is so hot he deserves an entire post dedicated just to him.
So, this is what happened. I was just sitting here, working on my Weekly Tattoo Dudes post... when I found God. I mean, Sonny Henty.
Sonny Henty (@sonnyhenty)
At first I was like, "cool, a guy to feature in the article" and then I kept scrolling down his instagram and i was like, "LOL this guy deserves a weekly post of his own."
Seriously. What the fuck. I think Sonny Henty is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life. And that's a big statement coming from someone who literally searches the internet for sexy men as part of her job. But I mean it. I can't find anything wrong with him. Just pure, un-adulterated gorgeous-ness.
Oh my god.
The point is- there was no way I was going to just slip my new boyfriend Sonny into a post with 4 other guys, where his shine could potentially be dimmed. It just wasn't an option. So, he gets his own post. And you're about to understand why.
That smile. Those abs. The scruff. The tattoos. I. Just. Can't.
I am literally sweating.
So without further adieu, I give you- the most attractive man in the universe, English model Sonny Henty. Enjoy, and seriously... You're welcome.
Here he is praying I like the birthday present he got me.
Oh... hey.
The King? You mean like, you?
I get it. Being so hot is really stressful.
Here he is saying bye to me when I left his apartment this morning. Just kidding. But I can pretend. You can too.
He is so hot that he doesn't even need to hang out with less hot people to make himself look better. He just hangs out with other hot dudes. Because let's be real... he is going to win no matter what.
LOL the ceiling is so funny. But seriously. That fucking smile.
I look like I'm dying when I run. He looks like a goddamn Greek God.
I like to imagine he's saying, "Don't say that, Katie. You're beautiful inside and out. Now get that ass over here and come have sex with me" in this photo. A girl can dream.
Dear god. He looks good with clothes on, too.
"Stop I'm so embarrassed!" LOL well, sorry babe, but you're SOL. That face don't quit.
That body don't either.
And for the grand finale, I leave you with this... 
Because nothing is better than a hot guy with a puppy.
Thanks for being you, Sonny. And in advance, yes I will go out with you.
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