Stay Lovesick With The Cure Tattoos

Stay Lovesick With The Cure Tattoos

Sing along with your old records and let Robert Smith's voice haunt your thoughts with these melancholic The Cure tattoos.
If you want something that can lighten you up and darken the clouds hovering over you at the same time, listen to The Cure. Even if you don't, still listen to The Cure. Whether frontman Robert Smiths' hair reminds you of Edward Scissorhands or you simply relish in their haunting melodies, The Cure has been arguably one of the finest bands in the goth rock and the new wave scene for years.
And if you enjoy the band as much as I do, you're up for a treat with these tattoos from fellow fans of The Cure.
Melissa Mears/Instagram
Kym Munster/Instagram
by Alessia Pedrosa
The Cure tattoo by Ashley Love
Artist unknown.
by Melanie G
by Kamil Tattoos
by Julian Siebert
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