Tattoo Lightening...Why Would I Do It?

Tattoo Lightening...Why Would I Do It?

Are you sick of your tattoos? Ran out of space but still want more? Tattoo lightening makes anything possible.
A new trend has emerged amongst serious tattoo collectors. You know how it goes, we don't buy cars anymore we lease them. This is because we all want what's new and hot... and the same goes with tattoos.
You got a tribal sleeve but really want a Japanese one now? Do you have a sweet new school tattoo but really want some bio-mechanical work? Laser lightening is the answer. With the use of laser, you can lighten up your tattoo enough to give you and your artist options. The more you lighten a tattoo, the more options you will have.
If your tattoo artist suggests that you lighten your tattoo with laser, just do it. You don't want to regret your cover up tattoo.
You might have read a blog that told you your tattoo would be easy to cover with something really amazing, but not too big. But in reality, not all tattoos can be covered. Even for the most skilled tattoo artist, cover-up tattoos are not easy to execute. If your professional tattoo artist suggests that you laser your old tattoo before you attempt to cover it, listen to them. They know best.
Didn't want to lighten your tattoo & wanted something not much bigger? Here you go...
Here is what you need to know about lightening that tattoo before you get the new tattoo of your dreams.
1) To lighten your tattoo, will probably take about 8 to 12 months. How many laser treatments it will take depends on your tattoo.
2) Once it's light enough for your tattoo artist to do something beautiful, you must wait 6 months before you get a new tattoo. If you do not wait, your body may try to break down the new tattoo. So just wait!
3) Laser is not a magic eraser. Please approach the tattoo lightening process with patience. With time, laser and patience almost anything is possible.
Not that into the Misfits anymore? No problem. Lighten it with laser. Laser by Clean Canvas More Art. New tattoo done by Mark Cross at Rose Tattoo.
Tattoo removal and lightening is not just what I do. It's been a personal journey for me. This is my arm. 8 treatments with the Medlite C6. New tattoo by the talented Chris Garver from Invisible, NYC
So why would you lighten your tattoo?
To get a beautiful new tattoo that you love. A tattoo that is not a compromise it's something you want to live with forever. Remember once you cover a tattoo, if you are unhappy, the process to lighten or remove it will take much longer than the first time - and, therefore, cost more. It's your skin, you will own it forever. Don't make the same mistake twice
There it is. A coverup that is not bigger than the existing tattoo.
Not the portrait you were hoping for? This is an easy fix. A few laser treatments and you can have this baby face erased. And you can have it done proper.
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