Tattoodo's Top 10 Funniest Comments of January

Our readers say the darndest things.... 
And sometimes, they go so far as to even write it on the things we post. For the public to see. And it's fucking hilarious. 
So, as we delve into February- here's a look back at some of the funniest things people said to us in January! Enjoy.
1. There are some risks worth taking.. And this girl is willing to break the law to get her hands on this sexy NYC cop.
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.....And I don't blame her for one. Fucking. Second. 

2.  This guy, with an extremely valid question regarding this sex convention..
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Good question. And hey, so, when you find out- hook a sister up. You know, for... uh.. research purposes. Yeah. Research.
3. This girl just offered a much cheaper alternative to micro tattoos..
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tiny dots by Jon Boy (@jonboytattoo)
.... fair enough.
4. Cause a nipple tattoo isn't cringe-worthy enough... 
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.. Now this guy got me thinking about my nipple POPPING. Too far, dude. Too far. Can't un-imagine. Fuck.
5. I gotta say- I like where this girl's head is at regarding these celebrity tattoo fails:
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6. This woman had an extremely deep, insightful response to this tattoo .... but she was completely wrong, and the conversation that ensued was hysterical. 
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.....Girl. It is the same person. Different angles. It's not that deep. Drop it.
7. ... But she didn't. Ohhhhhh but she didn't. And I still have no idea what she was talking about.
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8. Sort of a bizarre sentiment, but flattering nonetheless...
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...I think?
9. Well, we posted this tattoo because we thought it was a beautiful, unique depiction of a parrot... 
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....But now I can't un-see an innocent bird getting shot in the head. Awesome.
10. And, to save the best for last... One guy's response to this video actually made me LOL. Touché, man. 
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We love hearing what ya'll have to say, so keep 'em coming guys- and stay weird.