The Abstract Blackwork Tattoos Of Nadi

The Abstract Blackwork Tattoos Of Nadi

South Korean tattoo artist Nadi creates some rough and artistic blackwork you should see.
Nadi is a tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea, in tattoo studio Carpet Bombing Ink. Admirers of blackwork and trash style tattoos will certainly enjoy the rough yet elegant aspect of Nadi's creations. Abstraction, sketch style and paint splash effects are the keywords of this Korean artist's portfolio.
She is transposing her artistic illustrations on skins with a unique and interesting touch. If you are always curious on the experimenting sides of tattoo art, you will certainly be attracted by her dark work. Want to see more? Read on.
Lovely sunflower.
Artistic Athena.
Trash style chestpiece.
Stain cat.
Creative Eiffel Tower.
Touches of colors.
Sketch style anchor.
Poetic lighthouse.
Freaky spider.
Abstract art.
Bizarre creature.
Dynamic magpie.
Charming penguins.
Stylish birds.
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