The Artsy Tattoos Of Carola Deutsch

A complete artist, Carola Deutsch adorns bodies with unique graphic tattoos.
Carola Deutsch is mastering many arts and types of canvas, from murals to tattoos. The Austrian artist is the co-owner of Decasa Creative Studio. The artistic concept studio, in the city of Graz, produces not only amazing tattoos, but also all kind of designs. It is also a family business, as the other co-owner is Sabrina, Carola's sister.
The two beautiful and talented ladies are buzzing in the art community. The tattoos of Carola Deutsch are especially attractive. With their own graphic style, they are both bold and elegant. The award-wining artist is also guesting in prestigious tattoo shops around Europe. If you love contemporary art, you will certainly fall in love with Carola Deutsch's art.
Multi-talented artist Carola Deutsch, photo Stella Kager.
Roller-coaster split piece.
Graphic shoulder tattoo.
Looks like contemporary art.
Unique rose.
Artistic Virgin.
Tribute to photography.
Cool chestpiece!
Gorgeous surrealistic tattoo!
Nice watercolor.
Another sweet one.
Abstract Medusa.
Bold leg piece.
These matching pieces are another level!
Amazing portrait!