The Bejeweled Tattoos Of Miss Juliet

The Bejeweled Tattoos Of Miss Juliet

Miss Juliet will adorn your neo traditional tattoos with pearls and precious jewels...
The young and talented Miss Juliet is travelling around Europe and North America. The Chino-American-Italian tattoo artist specializes in stylish neo traditional tattoos. She often adds exquisite pearly touches to her designs, for a greater refinement. Her tattoos and paintings are available in international tattoo conventions. She is usually based in Naples, in Italy, at South Ink tattoo studio or in London, UK at The Family Business tattoo studio.
Fancy cat. By Miss Juliet
Elegant fan. By Miss Juliet
Precious. By Miss Juliet
Cat goddess. By Miss Juliet
Elegant. By Miss Juliet
Examples of bejeweled tattoos by Miss Juliet.
Miss Juliet also does exquisite paintings.
Sweet bird. By Miss Juliet
Pretty swan. By Miss Juliet
Creative elephant! By Miss Juliet
Love birds. By Miss Juliet
Fantastic piece...By Miss Juliet
Precious planchette. By Miss Juliet
Adorable. By Miss Juliet
Fancy owl. By Miss Juliet
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