The Bright & Colorful Realistic Tattoo Works Of Alexander Pashkov

The Bright & Colorful Realistic Tattoo Works Of Alexander Pashkov

These bright and colorful realistic tattoo designs of Alexander Pashkov will bring you some inner inspiration.
Alexander Pashkov is a Russian tattoo artist known for his vibrant and realistic nature-inspired tattoos. He is based in Baranul, Russia. Pashkov's works are cool and mesmerizing to look at, as they are mostly inspired by the nature: animals, plants and landscapes you wish you can visit in your dreams! We love the way Pashkov makes use of different colors that don't compromise the long-term look of the tattoo. It's all about skills and application! It takes patience, discipline, and a keen eye on detail to come up with such awesome realistic, textured works of art,
Realistic bug tattoo by Alexander Pashkov
Amazing realistic nature sleeve #AlexanderPashkov
Realistic bird tattoo #AlexanderPashkov
Realistic tattoo #AlexanderPashkov
Realistic tattoo #AlexanderPashkov
Realistic tiger tattoo #AlexanderPashkov
Look at this awesome eagle half sleeve by Alexander Pashkov. The attention to detail is impressive: from the glaze of the eagle's eye to the fish that it caught.
Eagle half sleeve #AlexanderPashkov
Beautiful realistic flower tattoo #AlexanderPashkov
Nature full sleeve #AlexanderPashkov
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