The Elegant Ornamental Tattoos of Matik

The Elegant Ornamental Tattoos of Matik

If you love ornamental pieces and naive tattoo art, you will love the work of Matik.
Matik is a tattoo artist based in Switzerland, but also working in France and Germany. His tattoo art is pretty unique, with charming lines and stylish compositions. Between old school, blackwork and mehndi, Matik is adorning the body of his clients with black ink and some touches of colors.
His creations are either ornamental beauties inspired by nature or illustrative portraits and animals. The style of these can be described as naive and are really creative and gorgeous.
Charming wrist tattoo.
Lovely matching pieces.
Dainty feet tattoos.
Cute fox.
Surrealistic composition.
Gorgeous flowers.
Fun teepee.
Sweet Berlin tattoo.
Elegant lady.
Gorgeous piece.
I see you...
Contemporary art.
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