The Exquisite Neo Tribal Tattoos Of Brian Gomes

The Exquisite Neo Tribal Tattoos Of Brian Gomes

Inspired by ethnic patterns, Brian Gomes ornamental tattoos are truly unique and elegant.
For Brian Gomes, tattoos are reflections of the soul and an expressions of internal beauty. Based in Brazil, this tattoo artist creates spirited ornamental tattoos using either blackwork or colors. He gets his inspiration from ethnic patterns. His sources of inspiration are coming from the art of Asia, South America, Arabic as well as sacred geometry. Brian Gomes mixes them all to create original neo tribal type tattoos. Exquisite and unique, they adorn bodies and seduce tattoo lovers.
Elegant geometric patterns. #BrianGomes
Bold piece inspired by Amazonian art. #BrianGomes
Sweet colors. #BrianGomes
Totally unique. #BrianGomes
Gorgeous hummingbird! #BrianGomes
Brian Gomes also does badass blackwork. #BrianGomes
Dainty. #BrianGomes
Superb spine tattoo! #BrianGomes
Another lovely one. #BrianGomes
Killer leg piece by Brian Gomes
Epic sleeve! #BrianGomes
Amazing nape tattoo! #BrianGomes
Fabulous. #BrianGomes
When ethnic tattoo meets graphic art. #BrianGomes
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