The Feathery Tattoos Of SupaKitch

The stylish tattoos of artist SupaKitch are adorning bodies with feathers and linework.
SupaKitch is a multi-talented artist. He creates intricate illustrations, murals as well as, of course, tattoos. Based in France, this creative surfer enjoys travelling the world for surfing waves and adorning bodies. He is especially famous for his Endorphin project, a series of videos. In front of the camera of Damien Vigneaux, he is tattooing the body of model Lovatron in gorgeous locations such as NYC hotels and Californian beaches. The style of SupaKitch is really linear, with graphic elegance and feather details.
Cute weasel tattoo #SupaKitch
Sweet landscape tattoo #SupaKitch
Gorgeous peacock tattoo #SupaKitch
Feathery cat tattoo #SupaKitch
Creative arrow tattoo #SupaKitch
Basket mood #SupaKitch
Elegant wrist #SupaKitch
Poetic tattoo #SupaKitch
Gorgeous koi fishes! #SupaKitch
Lovely spirit animal... #SupaKitch
From project Endorphin. Photo Damien Vignaux. #SupaKitch
A sleeve full of tattoos #SupaKitch
Tree arrow tattoo #SupaKitch
Dainty shoulder #SupaKitch
Lovely phoenix #SupaKitch
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