The Flowery Tattoos Of Lianne Moule

Lianne Moule does exquisite flowery tattoos between realism and watercolor art.
This British tattoo artist is working at Immortal Ink, the tattoo studio of her partner in life and art, Jason Butcher. Incidentally, the two often collaborate for impressive pieces mixing the black and grey realism of Jason and the colorful art of Lianne Moule. The result is a jaw-dropping romantic macabre art.
Lianne Moule is mastering roses and beautiful flowers. She often uses them in colorful compositions, half way between charming realism and creative watercolor effects. If you love dainty tattoos, you definitely need to see the art of Lianne Moule.
Charming sleeve.
Bold chestpiece.
Vibrant portrait!
Bold flower.
Stunning bird!
Gorgeous rose tattoo.
Collaboration torso piece with Jason Butcher.
Another collab with Butcher.
So poetic!
Matching flowers on each side of the face...
Pretty cat.
Creative elephant.