The Graphic Art Of Guillaume Smash

The work of Guillaume Smash is creativity at its best and you'll love its unique look!
If you are into the avant-garde section of modern tattooing, you are certainly familiar with styles and techniques such as watercolor, halftone, pixel and other graphic twists. The work of Guillaume Smash combines them all!
This French tattoo artist is based in Hyères. He is sharing his studio L'Imaginarium with his partner of beautiful crime, Emilie B. The pair is often collaborating for unique and bold graphic tattoos. Their pop art is refreshing and inspiring. If you are curious, you can follow Guillaume Smash on his Instagram.
Creative Buddha.
Charming portrait.
Sweet collaboration with Emilie B.
Artistic orchids.
Fight Club's Marla.
Cute pandas!
Elegant robin.
Another pretty orchid.
Another great collaboration between Emilie B and Guillaume Smash.
Lovely flower.
Unique piece.
Exquisite art.
Crazy fish!
Graphic cat.
Awesome Star Wars tattoo by his accomplice Emilie B!