The Korean Blackwork Of Sou Tattooer

The Korean Blackwork Of Sou Tattooer

Sou Tattooer is making solid blackwork with elegant South Korean art's influences.
Based in Busan, in South Korea, Sou Tattooer specializes in blackwork. She borrows influences from Korean art's patterns and sense of composition. Sou Tattooer mixes bold lines with dainty dotwork and white ink to create precious tattoos. Her portfolio is full of exquisite Korean traditional tattoos, geometry, minimalism as well as badass figurative blackwork.
Adorable composition #SouTattooer
When Sou Tattooer uses colors, it's exquisite too! #SouTattooer
Awesome owl tattoo #SouTattooer
Elegant Asian wave tattoo #SouTattooer
Sweet flower tattoo #SouTattooer
Bold mandala tattoos #SouTattooer
Fantastic tiger bracelet #SouTattooer
Another badass one with a snake... #SouTattooer
Poetic whale and Asian wave #SouTattooer
Bold Korean clouds #SouTattooer
Beautiful Korean lady #SouTattooer
Elegant sewing machine #SouTattooer
Badass wasp tattoo #SouTattooer
Superb jaguar tattoo #SouTattooer
Another gorgeous whale #SouTattooer
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