The Mystic Linework Of Jean-Philippe Burton

The Mystic Linework Of Jean-Philippe Burton

The sacred lines of Jean-Philippe Burton adorn bodies with an unusual beauty.
Based in Brussels, in Belgium, Jean-Philippe Burton is constantly evolving. His style is experimental with a touch of surrealism, blackwork and linework. This aspect of his work is especially eye-catching. Behind the ornamental look of his linework, we can feel the spiritual dimension of it. With influences of mehndi, ancient Arabic tattoo art and Asian patterns, his tattoos are bold and elegant. The stylish lines are often paired with dark animal figures. All Jean-Philippe Burton's tattoos are impressive and astounding.
Blast over.
Matching boldness.
Impressive bird piece.
Jaw-dropping sleeve...
Lunar spine.
Great blackwork.
Magic hawk.
Unalome inspired tattoo.
Stylish foot tattoo.
You can find Jean-Philippe Burton at Purple Sun, a collective tattoo studio, as well as on his Instagram page.
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