The Mythological Blackwork Of Michele Zingales

Tattoo artist Michele Zingales plays with dark surrealism and Antiquity's statues.
Based in Palermo, Italy, tattoo artist Michele Zingales is creating very stylish blackwork tattoos. Using geometry, dotwork and references from Antiquity, he does bold and unique pieces. The young tattooist is mastering artistic compositions, playing with black tint areas and light.
His tattoos are truly badass, with fierce animals, dark looking portraits and surrealistic Greek and Roman statues. If you enjoy edgy black tattoos, get to know the art of Michele Zingales
Badass tiger hand!
Pretty lady.
Geometric beast.
Great horse.
Edgy skull octopus.
Demonic skull.
Cool Poseidon.
Anatomical beauty.
Magic piece.
Unique composition.
Impressive dotwork.
Cosmic Bull.
Space geometry.
Epic portrait!
Gorgeous castle head.
Sculpture inspired.
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