None More Black Than Blackout Sleeve Tattoos

None More Black Than Blackout Sleeve Tattoos

The only kind of blackouts we really enjoy any more are these blackout sleeve tattoos

Perhaps no piece of body art draws the eye the way a blackout sleeve tattoo does. This unique aesthetic choice is like a black hole, but not in the pejorative sense of “black hole,” mind you. Much like nothing escapes a black hole, we just cannot take our eyes off of these sleeves.

What would possess a person to tattoo their whole arm black? The correct answer is “who cares?” These sleeves look awesome enough on their own. We don’t need a back story, though we should point out that blackout sleeves are often used as a great method of cover-up.

A blackout sleeve is the kind of commitment we admire. You can’t just walk into a shop and walk out with one a few hours later. They take a good deal of hours of work, spread out over multiple sessions with your tattoo artist. There’s absolutely nothing casual about a blackout sleeve. You’re going to spend the rest of your life with one of your extremities completely saturated with dark ink. And we think that’s awesome.

Another great feature of a blackout sleeve is that, if so desired, amazing design work can be done with negative space. If executed properly, this type of negative space blackout work can produce some of the most breathtaking designs in modern tattooing.

We’ve hand-picked some pictures of really awesome blackout sleeve tattoos for you to rest your peepers on. Just sit back and let the darkness draw your eyes in. Just as nothing can escape the pull of a black hole, your line of sight is bound to be trained on these until you can generate the proper amount of ocular escape velocity.

Blackout sleeve tattoo by Jasn Basn. Photo: Instagram. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
White on blackout tattoo sleeve, by Nathan Mould. Photo: Instagram. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
Model Lucky Hell with blackout tattoo sleeve, by Clayton Addison, photo from Facebook. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
This black sleeve tattoo is in progress, by Sam Rivers, UK. Photo: Instagram. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
Model Lucky Hell with black tattoo sleeve, by Clayton Addison, photo from Facebook. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
Model Monami Frost also has a blackout sleeve tattoo. Photo: Instagram. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
Artist unknown, all black tattoo sleeve, photo from Instagram @backer_6. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
Black sleeve tattoo on Sven Signe den Hartogh, photo from Sven's Instagram. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend
Black sleeve tattoo by Diamante Murru. Photo: Instagram. #sleeve #blackout #allblack #trend

We can’t help but think of the “none more black” bit from Spinal Tap when looking at these sleeves. If you’re as impressionable as we are, you’re now considering what your life would be like with a blackout sleeve tattoo. You could always grab the nearest sharpie and try it out for a couple days. Or you could just take the plunge. We’ll leave that decision entirely up to you.

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