The Siam Hotel In Bangkok Opens Sak Yant Tattoo Shop In Their Spa!

The Siam Hotel In Bangkok Opens Sak Yant Tattoo Shop In Their Spa!

Nowadays nice hotels offer a variety of spa services, for relaxation and cultural purpose. The Siam Hotel Bangkok took it to the next level!
In Bangkok you can find many temples with monks that are trained in the arts of the Sak Yant tradition and get your ancient ink there...
But that's not the only place to get that tattoo. At The Siam Hotel in Bangkok you can find Ajahn Boo, a former monk trained in Sak Yant, who brings the spiritual truth to it that can only be achieved by the hands of a true Yant tattooer.
A monk performing a Yantra tattoo, via CNN
A kind of extended Yant Gao Yord design, via
Ajahn Boo tattooing a client. Via Rob Report
A close up in what looks like the beginning of a Yant Gao Yord. Via HK Magazine
Ajahn Boo during the tattoo ceremony. Via Rob Report
A concentrated Ajahn Boo. Via New York Times Magazine
Ajahn Boo at the very start of the process, via Rob Report
The Yantra tattoo (the other name for Sak Yant) originated in Southeast Asia but nowadays it's spread through Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. It's a sacred design that together with Pali phrases is said to bring protection, fortune, charisma and power, among other benefits for those getting it tattooed by original monks!
One of the many Buddhist temples that practice Sak Yant in Bangkok. Via Expertvagabond
Close up on a Yantra tattoo being done on the knee. Via Expertvagabond
Angelina Jolie's famous Yant See Bantat design. Via Getty Images
Amazing attitude by the hotel! Let’s hope more places follow their example and spread these beautiful and meaningful works of body art!
There are many Yantra experts spread across Asia nowadays, Piti A Sahakorn via Getty Images
For more on Sak Yant tattoos, check this out!
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