The Stylish Traditional Tattoos Of Rafa Decraneo

Get some exquisite and cool traditional tattoos by tattoo artist Rafa Decraneo!

Based in Barcelona in Spain, Rafa Decraneo is one of the talented tattoo artist of LTW tattoo shop. His traditional style tattoos are really cool. He gives a really nice and personal twist to classic designs. If you think old school is the coolest, be sure to check the badass and elegant tattoos of Rafa Decraneo...

Burning witch RafaDecraneo
Burning witch #RafaDecraneo
Cool snake lady RafaDecraneo
Cool snake lady #RafaDecraneo


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    Pretty sword-swallower RafaDecraneo
    Pretty sword-swallower #RafaDecraneo
    Red Devil RafaDecraneo
    Red Devil #RafaDecraneo

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    Funky skull... RafaDecraneo
    Funky skull... #RafaDecraneo
    Lovely mermaid RafaDecraneo
    Lovely mermaid #RafaDecraneo
    Rafa Decraneo also does cool black trad RafaDecraneo
    Rafa Decraneo also does cool black trad #RafaDecraneo
    Battle Royale RafaDecraneo
    Battle Royale #RafaDecraneo
    Gorgeous composition RafaDecraneo
    Gorgeous composition #RafaDecraneo
    Pen pal RafaDecraneo
    Pen pal #RafaDecraneo
    Native lady RafaDecraneo
    Native lady #RafaDecraneo
    Peacock girl RafaDecraneo
    Peacock girl #RafaDecraneo
    Badass eagle on a skull RafaDecraneo
    Badass eagle on a skull #RafaDecraneo
    Dainty piece RafaDecraneo
    Dainty piece #RafaDecraneo
    Amazing Queen of Heart RafaDecraneo
    Amazing Queen of Heart #RafaDecraneo



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