These Fine Tattooed Trans Men Are Bound To Heat Things Up

These Fine Tattooed Trans Men Are Bound To Heat Things Up

No matter what the weather is, things will be heating up whenever these hot tattooed men are around.
Julian - @beastmaking/Instagram
Let's give some well-deserved love to the tattooed trans men out there! You might want to take off those winter coats and grab an ice-cold drink because these hot tattooed men are here to break the temperature with those sculpted bodies etched with some pretty sweet-looking tattoos!
Ryan Cassata
Musician and filmmaker Ryan Cassata is the sheer definition of cuteness.
Skyson - @skysonsthelimit/Instagram
Can't tell from which one we can't take our eyes off of—those icy blue eyes or those abs.
Anybody would be waking up on the good side of the bed if they're waking up to this cutie.
Wonder what this eye candy is thinking about, hmm.
Tom - @fire_eyed_boy666/Instagram
What could be better than hot tattooed boys?
Anden @a_2225/Instagram
Hot tattooed boys cuddling with dogs. Aw.
Dreads-to-die-for. 'Nuff said.
Leo Sheng
Leo is working on his biceps to fill up his tattoo sleeve! Both progresses are looking good!
Skylar Kergil
Love his brown locks, but is that a street art-inspired tattoo? A Banksy or Blek le Rat, perhaps?
Corban Bennett
Mama Bennett's boy's got a jawline for days.
Viktor Belmont
And last but definitely not the least, Viktor Belmont. Looks like there's definitely room for more in this pizza in bed party! Read more about this tattooed darling here.