This Guy Has 100 DIY Tattoos From His Drunk Friends

This Guy Has 100 DIY Tattoos From His Drunk Friends

Window cleaner Craig Graham has almost 100 DIY tattoos on his legs, arms and back made by his drunk friends.
Alcohol and tattoo machines are a deadly mix with unpredictable results. Rarely there is a story when drunk tattoos have a happy ending, just ask 27-year-old Craig Graham. The window cleaner has collected nearly 100 DIY tattoos from his buzzed friends. The designs are varying from the names of his friends, doodles to the Powerpuff Girls.
Graham purchased a tattoo machine two years ago with the intention of giving himself a few little tattoo designs, but after one too many drinks he allowed a friend to pick it up and get creative. The drunken tattooing of Graham became a regular thing among his friends and as a result, he now has nearly 100 tattoos on his legs, arms and back.
Craig Graham
'There were initially about two or three names but then it all kept growing and growing. People just kept asking to do it and for whatever reason I let them.'
The designs vary from names like Dave, Scobie, and 'Drever' to Powerpuff Girls and Spongebob Squarepants! However, feeling that it's time for a change, Graham has begun the long process of having the DIY tattoos covered. He's already spent 14 hours having them covered, and not by a friend but a professional tattoo artist.
Powerpuff Girls Tattoo
Graham's friends were apparently rather sad to see the designs go; 'My friends don't want to get them covered up because they want to keep seeing their names but I regret all the ones on my arms and leg'.
DIY Tattoos!
Initially thinking of having the tattoos removed by laser, Graham decided to have them covered by larger, and much better, tattoos! 'I thought about laser removal treatment but there's a lot that would need to be done and also the money and the pain involved.  I decided it was best to just get them covered with something new so I'm letting the tattoo artist decide what designs best.'
Cover Up In Progress!
If you have learned anything from Graham's story, let's hope it's to not mix alcohol and ink, especially when there's not an artist in the room!
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