Tony Barton Has Tattooed Almost His Entire Body 4 Times Over!

Tony Barton Has Tattooed Almost His Entire Body 4 Times Over!

Tony Barton might just be Britain's most tattooed man after having his body covered with ink 4 times...all but one private spot
This 55-year-old man from Reddish in Greater Manchester, England is a self-confessed ink addict. Almost every part of his body (minus his face, hands and feet and what he calls "the little fella") is covered in Oriental themed designs of dragons, Gods, tigers and buildings to name a few. His addiction began when his daughter Heather, wanted a tattoo while she was on vacation in Thailand but she insisted that her Dad would go first.
He already had a few tattoos from his younger days; his very first tattoo of a little dagger and skull was done at the tender age of 12! She picked out some pieces that would take several hours to do so Tony asked the tattoo artist to visit him at his house. He chose two full sleeves that took 18 hours to complete.
Tony's tattoos are all Oriental influenced
Tony goes to the same artist "Mr A" in Thailand to get all his work done. He has had so much ink his tattoo artist doesn't even charge him anymore but takes great publicity for his work.
Tony with his loyal artist in Pattaya Thailand
Tony doesn't do things by halves every inch is inked
This photo shows one one incarnation on the body suit to the cover up how it looks today
Pretty bad-ass cranium tattoo must of hurt like hell!
Tony is on his FOURTH complete bodysuit and says he became obsessed with tattooing. He'd even wake in the middle of the night after dreaming of tattoos and his wife would find him drawing his next design on his skin with a pen. This is the reason why he could hold the title for Britain's most tattooed man because of the sheer number of hours he has spent getting his body tattooed over and over again.
Happy with his ink obsession
Awesome back design of a tiger fighting a dragon
How long will this bodysuit last before he gets the itch to do a 5th cover up and a new bodysuit?
Tony has 8 children altogether and looks like his younger son might be following in his father's footsteps with ink fascination. He was once sent home from school for drawing a koi carp on himself in marker so he could be just like his dad!
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